Laker Turner

I had planned to get this finished before the new year began. Then I broke my laptop. Whoops. Happy 2024 everyone.

Hey everyone. Long time no see, blog! I've been meaning to write some more blog posts... well all year. That worked out well. /s

So I wanted to recap everything I've done. Mostly to get my blog-post-writing juices flowing.

Redesigning my blog, and the domain change

I'm working on a blog post about this so I won't yap on too long about it.

For a long while, my website and Concorde, my blog were completely different but I decided to merge them to make updating them easier.

This also gives me the chance to consolidate my digital presence into one domain so now everything can be on now redirects to, and I've made sure no links are broken, cause Cool URI's don't change.

Maybe I'll actually use it this time.

I've made a goal for 2024 to write at least 10 blog posts.

The Rest: Stuff I didn't blog about in 2023

I might talk about these later, but here is a list of stuff I almost blogged about!

  • My workflow changes that stemmed from moving OS (to MacOS)
  • My trip to London in August
  • My experiences with possibly having a chronic pain disorder

Looking forwards

2024 is looking up already.

I'm going into this year with set goals and an updated version of my usual resolution of try not to be a dick, and if you are, make it right.


So, that was 2023. It was pretty good.

This is a bit shorter than I was hoping for, but I just want to get it out so I can start working on other things again XD

See you all soon. -- LA

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