Laker Turner

This was originally written in 2021, originally made about 5 blogs ago.

Inspired by the wonderful people over at the hemispheric views podcast!

Nostalgia is a weird thing for me. I mean with the amount of memory loss I have, anyone would see the concept of nostalgia as something we wish we had.

Luckily, however, I haven't lost all of the last 16 years of my life yet so I'll try to visualise some of that for you.

“The Next Station Is Seaburn.”

I used to go on the local metro from near my grandmother's house to the station on the other side of the city, and near the beach. Most of the time I didn't even go to the beach, I just really liked the trains.

I miss doing that. I might do it next week.


Back in about 2010, my grandmother owned a Dell (at least I think it was XD) laptop that was still running Windows XP.

I remember there was a folder with 2 files in it: My grandmother's name.txt and My mother's name.txt

They said I couldn't go into those files without permission, so I didn't cause I was a good 5 year old.

But I always had that little thought in my mind.

What if I did it.

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