Laker Turner

/uses Last updated 21 Mar 2024

The stuff that makes me go


Aestrea - Macbook Air 15'

{ Remind me to add a photo please! }

  • specs: 16GB RAM, 1TB storage
  • accessories: Logi MX Master 3S

The thing I wrote this whole website on.

Cyrus - My desktop

{ I would take a photo, but both my room and cable management are terrible }

  • specs: Intel 8600K, GTX 1060 3gb, 16GB of RAM
  • OS: Debian 12

Mostly just runs Syncthing right now.

Lovelace - The unused rPi

{ imagine a rPI in a drawer }

It's a Raspberry Pi 4 stuck in my living room bookcase.

I'm doing nothing with it right now, I should probably do something about that.


  • Terminal: iTerm2 on Aestrea, Alacritty everywhere else

  • Editor: Neovim

  • Font: BlexMono Nerd Font

  • Colour scheme: Catppuccin Mocha (Rosewater)

  • For email, I use Fastmail along with a few clients: aerc on Cyrus, Apple Mail on Aestrea, and the Fastmail web app everywhere else.

Tech in my pocket

  • Phone: iPhone 11
  • Watch: Apple Watch SE 2
  • Headphones: Airpods {Pro 2, Max}

Other things I'm a fan of

  • I'm a huge fan of Field Notes notebooks and carry one in my jacket pocket everywhere I go.
  • My wallet and keys are nothing special apart from my keychain has a charm of The Great Wave of Kanagawa on it.
  • I either have a bag of popcorn or a roll of Polo mints on my desk at all times