Laker Turner

Social Media Last updated 26 Feb 2024

All the social media (mostly)

I'm trying to use social media less right now, so i might not see your replies / messages.
If you want to talk, email me. Thanks :D

Please read my social media greeting before contacting me! Thank you in advance.


  • Fediverse: - This is my favourite social media platform / community. <3


  • Instagram: @lakerturner - I need it for family and a few friends.
  • Reddit - I only use it for bands I like that dont have a community outside of Reddit.

Ignoring / Deprecated

Also known as the "Should be deleted" or "holding username" list.

  • Bluesky - - I barely used Bluesky when I did use it, now I don't even login.

  • Tumblr - @lakerjv - I posted once? lakerjv is a sub-blog of my actual tumblr though.


  • Twitter (TwiX): previously @lakerjv / @lakerjvt - I have no account on Twitter because of the current management.
  • previously @la - This was my own fediverse server. I decided to delete it due to the UK's new "Online Safety Bill" (link)
  • Tiktok - Ruined my attention span.


  • Discord: @lxjv or join my very dead server, if you want.
  • XMPP (and Matrix):

i barely go on IRC outside of, I will probably not see your message, sorry <3

  • la on the server
  • laker on liberachat