Laker Turner

About Last updated 26 Feb 2024

Mostly everything to know about Laker!

Hi! I'm Laker. I don't like talking about myself. This is going to be fun.

I'm a student living in England. I've been creative my entire life, but started writing about 3 years ago.

I'm also learning how to program, and if any of it actually works I'll put it up on GitHub.

I first came out as non-binary in 2018, and later as a trans woman in 2022.

About is made with Eleventy, and hosted using Caddy on my VPS, Eclipse

Everything was written by hand, using either Visual Studio Code, Neovim or Emacs on either a MacBook Air, or my desktop (see /uses).

The font you see everywhere is Albert Sans and code blocks use IBM Plex Mono.

The little tree guy in the favicon was drawn by Momo.

I've decided to try out using analytics for a bit, using Tinylytics.