Laker Turner

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PGP verification

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public key cryptography (for fun and profit)

My key

pub   ed25519 2023-08-27 [C]
uid           [ultimate] Laker Turner (core) <>
sub   ed25519 2023-08-27 [A] [expires: 2025-08-26]
sub   ed25519 2023-08-27 [S] [expires: 2026-08-26]
sub   cv25519 2023-08-27 [E] [expires: 2026-08-26]

My up to date key is available at

Reasoning and criteria

To be honest, I haven't got the time to write down my criteria.

  • 2 for people i've verified over the internet
  • 3 for people i've verified in real life
  • 4 for if I was present while the key was made.

Keys I've signed

Questions I don't want to answer

  • I've seen your passport and it's got a different name on it?

Laker Turner isn't my full name. I don't use my full name on the internet A) because it's an extra bit of security by obscurity B) it's nunya business thx

  • If I have a different name on my passport, will you care?

If you give me a good enough reason, no I won't.

  • Why are you so lax with this?

(hopefully) I'm not someone any government agency or hacker extraordinaire cares about. I don't particularly need to.